So, I slept over at the boytoy’s college last night. It was fun! Especially since he was busy for the whole morning, so I got to wander around to my heart’s content. The boytoy goes to Mass Maritime Academy, which is down on Cape Cod, and the during the spring, it is so pretty. All the flowers and trees are just starting to get going. I ❤ living in New England.

With a whole morning to myself, I figure that I be constructive and not just waste gas. So I called 411 and asked if there were any yarn stores in the vicinity. The operator thought I was on crack, but gave me the address and number of Blue Heron Yarn Studio ( After driving for at least an hour on route 6A, I found it!

I know I live in Boston, and there are plenty of yarn stores around, sorta, but I am a lazy person and don’t usually get motivated to go somewhere until late afternoon, so I tend to not get to yarn stores before they close. As it was 10am, Blue Heron was open!

It was small, but very cozy. There was a loom set up, with a very complicated piece of fabric going (I wish I had brought my camera with me, but I didn’t think I was going to go to a yarn store) and the lady who owned the store was more than willing to talk to me about it.

Now to the yarn. 😀 She had plymouth, cascade, and Rowan (the rowan with silk in it was so soft…). She also had skeins of Malabrigo hanging untwisted on the wall (and for cheaper than I usually see it for, SQUEE), some yarns from companies that I had never heard of, which included 100% silk, 100% cashmere, which were amazingly drool-worthy. She even sold skeins of sari silk!

I bought a skein of sock yarn from Mountain Colors, in the Rosehip colorway. I saw it and couldn’t bear to part with it. It was red and purple and dark red, which are all my favourite colors… I’ll post a picture when I get home.

I’m thinking that the Mountain Colors is 2nd in line to get knit, because I have some Seacoast Panda in the Cobbler colorway that is just dying to be made into some pretty socks. I have no idea which ones, but they want to be socks!

Right, off to pack. Time to move from school back home! Yay!


Ok, this isn’t cool. The mailroom at school is holding my Loopy Ewe order hostage!

I clearly have been checking the package status on the USPS website ever since I got the tracking number. It clearly said that it had been delivered to my mailroom at 0734 this morning. And when I checked my mailbox at 1420 before going to class, it wasn’t there! Totally not cool. My yarn is being held hostage! I only want my seacoast panda and cherry tree hill unharmed. Humph.

well, this is all kinds of fancy-schmancy that I’m not used to! I’m kellibus (and not a far jump of the imagination to Kelly, not that I told you that), who is a poor college student who spends way too much money on knitting-type stuff (waiting on that order from the Loopy Ewe, yay!) and sailing-type stuff.

I’m planning on this blog being an open window into my hobbies (because I’m a lj geek from way back and I still like my lj, but I want to try something new and exciting! And clearly I’m procrastinating and ignoring that paper that needs to get done).

I don’t have any pictures of knitting stuff yet (for shame!) but I do have sailing… so here, have a picture.

Pirate Race Committee

Mmmmm… pirates.